Agios Ioannis as seen from the Taygetos Mountains

Online Family Tree
Family Trees and Genealogy Document our Ancestors

The Agios Ioannis family tree has been created to help people find their ancestors and see how their roots spread to neighboring villages and other countries. This section provides links to the tree which is online at genealogy websites.

Stories and Photos
Koimisi tis Theotokou Church, Agios Ioannis

A published village history has not been identified, therefore, this section serves as an alternative. Through pictures and narratives, village life and customs can be shared and preserved.

Village Families
Ioannis A. Kostakos and Harikleia Aridas Family, 1930

Families are the heart of a village. This section is devoted to the people of Agios Ioannis, as identified through historical and church records. Stories about families are found on this Family Stories page.

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